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SHOEKONG is a technology brand, focused on the preservation and showcasing of rare, unique and irreplaceable footwear.


The SUPERBOX is the only integrated product on the market to combine active shoe preservation with dynamic showcasing. It uses a built-in anti-oxidation module and U/V light shielding to actively prevent mechanical failure; including yellowing, cracking, creasing and over time, CSS. It also features LED lighting, specially designed to illuminate your shoe collection without causing luminescence damage. In other words, the SUPERBOX protects your shoes while displaying them in style. 

Each SUPERBOX measures 14 x 11 x 8 inches and can EASILY accommodate shoes sized up to US 12.


Say goodbye to a smelly gym bag!


The SUPERBAG is a mobile SUPERBOX and features anti-oxidation technology, which is designed to inhibit the growth of the odor-causing microbes that cause your sneakers and clothes to stink. 


The SUPERBAG's anti-oxidation module is removable for easy recharging and also features a USB charging port. It is also APP enabled for easy integration with your smart device. 

Each SUPERBAG measures 20.5 x 10 x 12 inches and can easily accommodate large shoe sizes.


The "SMART" MINI CABINET is the ultimate shoe storage product and takes active preservation to the next level! In addition to SHOEKONG'S proprietary anti-oxidation tech, it also features environmental control technology and SMART shoe drying which can be controlled and monitored using your smart device and SHOEKONG'S  proprietary APP. Use the APP to program the optimal storage temperature for your shoes or their ideal drying temperature and time. The MINI CABINET can even be programmed to warm your shoes prior to being worn.

The MINI CABINET is 19" tall x 16" wide and has a depth of 13"