Frequently asked questions

Who is SHOEKONG and What is the SUPERBOX?

SHOEKONG was born from the culture and is a leading technology brand focused on the showcasing, care, and preservation of rare, unique and irreplaceable footwear.

The SUPERBOX is the only integrated product on the market that combines active preservation with dynamic showcasing. Its proprietary technology protects your shoes from oxidation as well as bacteria and mold growth. However, more than functional, the SUPERBOX’s special LED lighting illuminates your collection and brings out the true colors of your shoes. Additionally, gold plated POGOPIN technology and Type-C USB connectors offer design flexibility; boxes can be stacked both vertically and horizontally and illuminated individually or together to fit your personal design and space considerations.

Why is the SUPERBOX necessary?

CRUMBLING SHOE SYNDROME, also known as CSS, is the degradation that occurs to shoes and sneakers as the Polyester and Polyether Urethanes contained within them interact with our environment.

An excerpt from a paper written in The Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research provides a technical explanation:

"Poly (ester) urethanes and poly (ether) urethanes, which are widely used shoe production have been shown to degrade under hydrolytic conditions and in (an) oxidative environment respectively. Degradation can lead to significant changes in the polymer mechanical properties, surface chemistry, and structure, leading to malfunction… degrading polyurethane can be attributed to the chemical processes of hydrolysis (in the presence of moisture) and oxidation (in the presence of oxygen).

In other words, the very things that make human life on this planet possible - air and water - are colluding to destroy our shoes. Add the sun's ultra-violet light emissions and you have an unholy trinity working to destroy your shoes daily. And until the SUPERBOX, aside from storing your footwear in airtight steel vessels filled with argon, science had deemed ALL other shoe preservation techniques inadequate.

How does the SUPERBOX preserve and extend the life of your shoes?

Each SUPERBOX contains an anti-oxidation module that substantially reduces the rate of oxygen saturation within the box; less oxygen means less oxidation, thus substantially minimizing instances of CSS.

How big is the SUPERBOX?

Each SUPERBOX measures 14 x 11 x 8 inches and can accommodate shoes sized up to US 12. Depending on the style, some larger sizes can be accommodated, if stored on an angle.

Do you offer Refunds or Exchanges?


We stand by our products! Customers may request to receive a refund for any unused and unopened items by providing notice via email within 7 days of the product’s delivery. All request must be accompanied by a legible copy of the customer’s receipt-No Exceptions. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned product, SHOEKONG will promptly refund the customer via their original method of payment or show cause for denying the customer’s request.

Customer will be solely responsible for the cost to return purchased products to SHOEKONG and any refunded amounts to customer will not include the cost of shipping.

SHOEKONG reserves the right to make all final determinations as to whether a refund will be granted. Products indicated as Final-Sale may not be refunded.


In the event that a customer receives a defective or damaged product, the customer should immediately inform SHOEKONG, in writing, as soon as the defect or damage is detected. All request must be accompanied by a legible copy of the customer’s receipt-No Exceptions- as well as details regarding the alleged damage or defect.

All request for Refund or Exchange must be sent to shoekongusa@gmail.com and must be accompanied by a legible copy of the customer’s receipt.


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